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Frequently asked questions

Is the Intenstive English Centre (IEC) a government or private facility?

The IEC is a government facility funded by the Australian Federal government.

Is there a boys or girls only IEC?

No. All IECs in NSW are co-educational.

Are there tuition fees?

Only international students and students on some temporary visa categories pay tuition fees.

Is there a school uniform?

Yes. Students in the IEC wear the junior uniform of Holroyd High School.

How long can a student stay in the IEC?

Students are permitted an enrolment period of 3 to 4 terms, depending on their circumstances, with the possibility of an extension term, if approved. International students are permitted 2 terms, with the possibility of an extension term, if approved.

Can I go to Holroyd IEC if I do not live in its drawing area?

Yes. If there are vacancies and you obtain a clearance from your in area IEC.

What do I do if I cannot afford to buy the uniform?

You may apply for student assistance through Holroyd High School.

Do I have to buy textbooks?

No. Textbooks are provided, on loan, by the IEC. Students must provide their note books and other writing materials.

How do I arrange the high school enrolment after the IEC?

The IEC assists parents with this process. All is explained at a meeting prior to the student's exit.