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Road safety

Holroyd High School welcomes safe and careful road users.

The school frontage is on Cumberland Road. There is no school exit to other roadways.

The majority of our students are users of bus transport, while the remainder either walk or are driven to and from school.

At the front of the school there is a large area set aside for buses which includes the bus turning bay.

The roadside opposite the bus bay is signposted as a no stopping zone. Please follow the directions of all signs near and around the school as they are intended to control and facilitate the smooth flow of traffic.

Holroyd High School does not have a dedicated school crossing. Please be vigilant at all times as pedestrians are likely to be crossing, especially just before or after school.

All areas around schools are designated school zones and carry a 40km per hour speed limit at school arrival and departure times (8am to 9:30am) and (2:30pm to 4pm).

When setting down and collecting students, please ensure that all passengers have their seatbelts fastened until the car is stationary. Passengers should always be encouraged to enter and exit a car on the passenger side, which avoids exposure to the traffic flow.

Please assist other drivers and road users by not stopping for large amounts of time or parking in areas that could obstruct other drivers such as driveways and places that are not set aside as parking areas.

The staff car park is for use by school staff and delivery vehicles only. Vehicles carrying students with disabilities are also permitted to use this area. Please avoid the use of the staff carpark.

The Bayfield Road public bus service is not to be used unless the school bus is not available. When the school bus is available, it must always be used.

All NSW schools teach road safety as part of the school curriculum. We know that you will join us in helping to create a safe and happy environment on and near our roads.